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About me

Rodrigo Mendez Telias

I’m a Chilean underwater photographer and filmmaker, and I have been exploring and recording the wonders of the underwater world for more than a decade. Nothing before in my life has presented me with such a sense of freedom and wonder. In the ocean, I found my place. When I started diving it was hard for me to be able to explain to my friends and family how I really felt when I was in the sea. I also realized how little knowledge people had of the ocean, in this case of the Chilean coasts. It was this that prompted me to take a camera and start recording and creating audiovisual pieces in order to share and educate my people. I have seen how people enjoy looking at and imagining stories about the underwater creatures they find in my work, and what makes me most happy is to see how little by little they begin to be ambassadors of the sea. I am very grateful for what the ocean has given me.


We have you covered! Let us share our experience with you and help to build your underwater memories.


Scuba Guide

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UW Video & Photo

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Let us take you on a wonderful adventure in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. We work with all budgets

Share your adventures & underwater memories with the people you love. 

We work with professional equipment and knowledge.

 High-resolution photos & 4k videos with the best editing make our drone work something to keep in mind.

Green Moray Eal

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 Cozumel, Mexico 

 +52 984 215 4537 

Have a nice day!

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